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climate change primer series

"how to communicate climate change so you can inspire action"

For those who'd like to learn more about climate change or simply join the conversation, we did this 'easy to access' & free class that can help you on your journey.

As featured in FAO's 7th newsletter and CMCC Climate Change Communication Award "Rebecca Ballestra" submission database

feature by the sky news daily podcast

Women and the climate: Is there a gender imbalance?

In the company of women who are proper champions, Christiana Figueres who brokered the Paris Agreement and Anne Karpf, a well seasoned journalist who authored 'How women can save the planet', Stella, 33, who designed a flash flood early warning system for rural Kenya, discusses how those in the "Global South" are most affected by the climate crisis.

This was part of the Sky News Daily Podcast series "shattering the glass ceiling", where other women making their mark across the world joined the conversation- looking at the impact women are making on society.

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